I have a Firewall and Antivirus so I’m protected right?

by Martin Quinn(Principal Consultant) 6 February 2013

Wrong! This is one of the biggest misconceptions.

Think of malware or malicious code as gatecrashers at your business’s party.

The Firewall act as a bouncer at the front door (your internet), and Antivirus works as the internal security guard checking that the party continues without any major problems.

The gatecrasher (Malicious code or Malware), gets past the bouncer by huddling together with friends (trusted websites, or emails, etc.) or they use fake ID to gain entry to your party, where The Firewall looks them over and they look like they belong so he lets them in.

Next the antivirus then does its job, it bumps into the gatecrasher when it arrives, it scans their ID and again they often look ok so it allows the files to open. However, its only when the files opens or detonates that their true colours show. The gatecrasher (malware) opens the back door and lets all its friends to the party (uninvited).

To overcome this businesses need to learn how to identify these bad eggs and who to trust, through an ongoing security awareness program.

Author: Intact Security


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