WebRoot a commodity worth having

By Martin Quinn (Principal Consultant) 21 August 2013

We all need some type of antivirus or end-point protection, to save us from dreaded, viruses, worms and malware, and to save us from ourselves, through browsing to less than reputable websites or sites which themselves have been compromised.

But with hackers, crackers, blackhats, and cyber criminals are more prevalent than ever before, has the humble antivirus become a commodity? And what makes one stand out from the pack?

I’m the first to say I’m guilty of thinking of antivirus products as a commodity. They all claim to do pretty much the same thing, identify malware, target viruses, disallow potentially unwanted applications, guard against phishing attacks, and generally they all do a good job of it (most cases detect and/or block around (90-95%). But due to being signature based, they are vulnerable to modification, allowing the nasties to slip through the dragnet so to speak.

Most also share information or collaborate with each other to reduce the dreaded 0-Day attacks, so what makes one better than the last?

Well, my evaluation criteria are: Ease of use and manageability, ease installation, detection performance, scan performance and lastly cost. I’ve managed, installed,  configured, and trained on many platforms (Trend Micro, Symantec,  McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky, F-Secure to name a few.), and the common thread with all of these was, clunky, slow, and in extreme cases causing the blue screen of death. One product which I now use in my own business which actually ticks all these criteria is the WebRoot SecureAnywhere product.

Its tiny footprint (install agent (only a few hundred Kb – that’s right Kilobytes not Megabytes), fast scan ability (usually under a minute or two), single pane of glass management console and strong detection ability tick all the boxes. All these features wrapped up in a very competitive price closes out my recommendation.  Add to this the only installation required is the install of the agent and your administrative overheads are massively reduced. In my opinion Webroot is possibly one of the best suites out there.

If your business spends more than hour a month with your current Antivirus/Malware suite then you should definitely look at swapping it out for WebRoot

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