The Big Data security conundrum

By Martin Quinn (Principal Consultant) 20 November 2013

Big data seems to be the buzz word that’s on the lips of CIO’s to system admins over the past few years (TIME declared “Big Data” the #2 buzzword of the year 2012). Despite so much buzz, we’re truly only at the dawn of Big Data and for me it seems to be the monolithic beast which most businesses either don’t understand or have this perception that it’s akin to Mt. Everest (a mountain many of us will never climb)

Big data is the often referred to as the huge complex data collections, that due their size is difficult to process with standard or traditional processing applications. Depending on the organisation, this could mean a few Terabytes (1×1012) up to a few Exabyte’s (1×1018). These collections often contain several data information domains such as; storage, capture, search, correlation, sharing, transfer, visualization and analysis, to name a few. Each of which, have their own characteristics and security pitfalls, and need to be handled in a systematic way.

Security professionals/teams need to get in on the ground floor with Big Data projects in order to understand the unique risks involved and those that are pertinent to their business, especially regarding access governance, data protection and integrity and regulatory compliance (e.g. exposing PII or transmitting across geographical jurisdictions). Not only this but these professionals or teams will also need to better understand the information life cycle and how this can be applied to Big Data.

So does big data live up to the hype? In a nutshell – YES, Big Data has a myriad of applications across multiple business units. It can be used for deep market insight, detect attacks, create operational intelligence or provide tailored customer service.

Big Data is here to stay and only going to grow and morph as compute environments become cheaper, application environments become networked, and system/analytics environments become shared via the cloud. Combine this with challenges such as the non-scalability of encryption for large data sets, non-scalability of real-time monitoring and auditing, and confusion regarding legalities, regulatory requirements, and policy restrictions and you can see why big data causes such headaches.

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