Mobile cybercrime in Australia on par with rest of the globe

By Martin Quinn (Principal Consultant) 12 December 2013

Mobile cybercrime is on the rise both here in our own back yard and across the globe. Over the past year cybercrime has cost upwards of $1.1bn with victims averaging a around $200 according to the 2013 Norton Report on security.

This dollar figure is almost on par with the US which was US$1.1bn and an average cost per victim of US$298. Cybercriminals have maximised on ever increasing smartphone (both iPhone and Android) exploits with 32 per cent of Australian smartphone users experiencing some form of cybercrime over the past 12 months, with 60 per cent of adult smartphone consumers having experienced cybercrime during their lifetime.

What is most alarming though is that many smartphone users are unaware that security solutions exist to mitigate and combat these cybercriminals, many of which are free or low cost. These range from file encryption, antivirus and malware protection, spyware protection, personally identifiable information/privacy protection and anti-theft GPS tracking utilities to name a few.

But these statistics cannot be squarely aimed at the device itself, cybercrime can occur when the user joins a local unsecure/unknown Wi-Fi hotspot, leaving them open to man-in-the-middle attacks and data sniffing.  So users too, have to have their wits about them, we as users should be ever cognisant of trading security for convenience.

That said cybercriminals are often on the front foot, with recent exploits being discovered in the underlying telemetry operating system which co-exists in all smartphones to communicate with the base stations of which calls are made (similarly likened to traditional man-in-the-middle attacks). This overlooked operating system has the capability to override or bypass the smartphone (application) operating system without the user being aware that anything has happened at all.

As the lines have blurred between traditional work orientated devices (i.e. the old Blackberry of days gone), to devices which today many people live their lives through (banking, email, calls, calendars, gaming and other leisure apps), its clear and apparent that cybercriminals will be able to milk the smartphone cash cow for some time to come.

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