Christmas Time = Cyber Crime!

By Anthony Ousback (Business Development Manager) 30 November 2015

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Winding down for the year? quality family time and putting your feet up?…well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, much like Santa bringing you a dodgy scooter when really all you wanted off the cheap ol’ man was a bicycle,(thanks dad!!!)¬† but you are in for a shock!!!!…Did you know that while you are working the Christmas lunch through, hackers are working their way through your business. Sneaking their way in, fleecing you of your sensitive information…Santa sneaks down your chimney at night while your sleeping, these cyber Crims do it while your watching the Boxing day test 6 beers in and cursing about Steve Smiths poor form…Yep, they get you when your guard is down!!!…So you think your business is safe, its shut down for the Christmas break and you can switch off and not have to think about the office, well that’s when Hackers get you!!!!…free access to your servers while you are holidaying. Are you confident that your Firewall is doing its job? that your system is scanning correctly and alerting you about threats? can never be too safe!!…Get in touch with INTACT SECURITY, we can keep you safe this Holiday season…the only disappointing news you want to hear this year is that your mother -in-law is coming to stay for three weeks, imagine how devastated you would be to think you’ve been hacked and had your personal, business and credit card information stolen on top of that…that’s poorer than Punters form as a captain! Get in touch now to find out about your IT security options INTACT SECURITY, Relax, Your Security is INTACT!

Author: Intact Security

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