By Anthony Ousback (Business Development Manager) 8 December 2015

There are a number of large players with in the IT security Industry, charging a premium for services. This does not have to be the case. The down side of dealing with the big firms is that many times you will not have direct access to project managers, they try to lock you in on contracts, you will be penalised if you wish to amend project dates, and you can be sold all the bells and whistles only to have the work performed by a junior tech with minimum experience, all the while being charged large sums of money for the privilege. Why would you want this?

This does not have to be the case. The Good news is, is that INTACT SECURITY offers enterprise level expertise at a fraction of what the big companies charge.We are a small team that has the flexibility, technical know how and small overheads that can keep costs low for you. Size matters when it comes to IT, with large companies you can get lost in the mix, unless you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, the large firms don’t want to look at you. INTACT SECURITY are ready to give you the service you deserve at prices that will not break the bank.


Intact Security is headed up by Martin Quinn who has over 20 years experience with in the IT security Industry. His technical experience is world class, having worked with Cisco, Solaris, Microsoft and The Australian Defence Force he is also an expert in the areas of Compliance. He is an ISO 27001 lead auditor and an IRAP assessor.

INTACT SECURITY offers complete IT security solutions for your company no matter how large or small. From small to medium business, financial institutions, government departments, right up to top secret!

At INTACT SECURITY we are a one stop shop for all your IT Security needs!

We perform Pen Tests (Ethical Hacking where we perform a full scale Cyber attack on your systems and then run in depth reports to show you where you are being targetted) This does not compromise any of your important data, nor do we reveal any of your secrets, all our work is totally encrypted and secure, we are the good guys stopping the Criminals from getting in!

Vulnerability Scans, which are like a penetration test but less involved, we scan your systems and see where you may be compromised, then supply in depth reports detailing your weak points.

Architecture Reviews: We can go over all your physical systems, such as what Firewalls you have in place, what software you use and review where you are in danger, noting all weaknesses and gaps where hacks may occur.

Digital Forensics: This is the real deal CSI level stuff!!. We can track down fraudulent activity, catch any un-towards activity that has been occurring and help police in their investigations.

The Police Cyber Crime unit has used us to help catch crims!

We  also offer consultancy on hardware and software, we have picked out the best products for value and are happy to discuss all your needs!


With INTACT SECURITY you get a small dedicated team that will communicate with you daily, we ensure that when we deliver our reports we explain our findings in depth so you have  full understanding. The last thing we want to do is dump a complex report on your desk and walk away. We  go above and beyond in maintaining and nurturing customer relations, we wish to offer an honest, trusted IT security service with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. What we quote on is what you pay!

Infact, here is my mobile number! , Now you don’t get that from the big guys! Give me a call and we can discuss your IT security needs.

With INTACT SECURITY, Relax, Your Security is INTACT!

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