Intact’s Impact At ACSC Conference 2017!

By Samantha Woollard (Internet Security Specialist) 20 March 2017

What an exciting few days the Intact Security team had at the Australian Cyber Security Centre conference and we like to think that we stood out! With our bright lab coats and decorated spine, we wanted to highlight the importance of checking your security posture and to identify where your weak points may lie.

It was great to be able to promote our services, create awareness and meet such great people! Cyber security awareness is growing, unfortunately mainly due to news coverage of major global cyber attacks. But during the conference, it was evident of the passion everyone has to make everybody safer in our increasingly connected world.

Brilliant talks were given by multiple speakers on attack prevention and how it is possible for everyone to achieve a better level of identification and improvement of risk. It was also addressed in several talks that the Cyber Growth Network has got off to a great start and is continually being built to provide a successful cyber security industry in Australia.

A big thanks to everyone who had a ‘crack’ at our ‘Top Gear Lock-Pick Challenge’. However, a massive congratulations is in order to our six worthy winners who each received one of our beautiful champagne hampers, including our first place winner over the two days who successfully picked the lock in 1.5 seconds! Who knew that was even possible!? Do not worry, he is one of the good guys!

We would like to thank everyone who attended and approached the Intact team during ACSC conference. We hope you had some fun and that in the future we will be able to support you in your security needs. Always remember that no problem is too big or too small, Intact Security are here and happy to help.

Relax. Your security is Intact.

Author: Intact Security


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