Intact Security and its partner company Box & Dice IT, applauds the Government

Intact Security and its partner company Box and Dice IT, applauds the Government’s record $1.35 billion investment in cyber security announced today. This funding package will mean Australia can identify more cyber threats, disrupt more foreign cyber criminals, build stronger partnerships with industry and protect more Australians.

Australia possesses a world class cyber security capability with leading cyber security companies and practitioners who support the government and economy at large.

The events of this year show us that with rapid technological change will come evolving cyber challenges. Intact Security and Box and Dice IT are committed to working with all facets of the Australian community from micro organisations through to the enterprise.

Below is an excerpt from ASD’s Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents – ranked from Excellent (meaning best return on investment) to Limited (meaning – nice to have if you have budget/resources) – more information on this can be found at Strategies-mitigate-cyber-security-incidents

If you or your organisation suspects that it has been the target of an intrusion contact us today, its never too late to shut the gate and ensure your security is Intact. Contact us here

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