Strategy & Implementation

Infosec Strategy

Strategy and Implementation

A cyber security strategy and governance framework contains a set of management tools, a comprehensive risk management approach and, more importantly, an organisation-wide security awareness program. This framework should weave into your organization’s key systems and processes – end to end.

Part of this strategic analysis should identify your Crown Jewel assets, and organised a risk register which identifies the potential risks which require treatment in the context of these assets.

With the risk register in hand, the organisation should begin by assessing the tactical plans developed by senior management and determine a suitable budget for cyber security and its effective implementation.

Intact Security can assist during important consideration when determining budget allocation, maximising the return on investment; not all assets are worthy of the same level of funding, just as some risks are more urgent than others. The protection of your critical assets should receive more weight in the proposed allocation budget.

Relax. Your security is Intact.