Network Security

Pentetration Testing

Penetration Testing aka. Ethical Hacking

A simulated attack against an organization’s Internet-facing systems, networks or applications with a specified goal in mind. Typically, the goal is to gain unauthorized access to data or resources by circumventing  or testing how robust the controls are that are in place.

Intact Security generally build on the Vulnerability Assessment and exploit discovered vulnerabilities in an attempt to infiltrate your businesses perimeter. This type of testing is considered invasive in nature.

Primary examples may be Web Applications, Wireless Networks, Internal Systems.

Vulnerabilty Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

This type of test is aimed at investigating, probing, examining and determining vulnerable exposures which may cause loss of profitability of your business. Usually non invasive in nature.

A vulnerability assessment is considered a broad snapshot of the technical vulnerabilities present in the network or system. The goal of the test is to enumerate known vulnerabilities present in the systems being assessed.

Examples of where a vulnerability assessment may be applied; software development, mobile applications, new systems (internal/external).

lock and network cables connected to router ports

Modern cloud compute stacks are now an economical solution for many businesses and abstract away the need for them to worry about purchasing and managing the hardware component of information technology. However, the cloud does come with its own dimension of security concerns, such as side channel attacks, vulnerabilities in virtualisation technology, and the abuse of the cloud vendor’s services.

Architecture Review

Architecture Review

Review of your hardware and software infrastructure with an eye to incorporate best practices, review the operation of your environment and determine if the logical design and structure of components  is best suited to achieve your business objectives.