Risk Assessment

Why Business Security Risk Assessment is Necessary

Because the main job of your organization is to evaluate the potential growth of companies’ stock prices, your due diligence rightly focuses on their financial strength and the ability to dominate their markets. But, what about the potential impact of a security breach on predicted value? These types of attacks can negatively impact stock values. On average, a company that suffers a security breach will see a 10-25% drop in their stock prices. While companies can eventually recover, their stock value will fall behind competitors for years after the breach. Our Business Security Risk Assessment provides the missing element of your due diligence.

Intact Security helps your organization maximize the value out of security investments and ensure compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations. Our goal is to help you identify both potential risks and mitigation strategies.

What sets us apart from the rest of the pack

Intact Security provides a variety of risk assessments that help assist clients in making decisions regarding their IT infrastructure, their controls over sensitive information, and risk/reward propositions regarding overall operational risk. Intact Security also assists clients in assessing risk surrounding specific processes, operational changes, or new service offerings. Intact Security’s proven risk assessment process identifies risk domains to quantify inherent risk, then evaluates the strength of the controls in place at the organization and the controls’ ability to mitigate risks to an acceptable level.

Many of the risk assessments Intact Security performs are used as the planning phase for a new product or service offering. Like the products and services of our clients, the scope and methodology of our risk assessments are under constant revision to keep abreast with new challenges, emerging threats and opportunities. We work directly with our clients to streamline the data collection and reporting process so that we can focus our attention on analysis and drive maximum value from the risk assessment process.

The most common risk assessments Intact Security performs are the IT risk assessment and the customer information risk assessment, both required for financial institutions . However, Intact Security’s risk assessment services have also included the following: Operational/Enterprise Risk Assessment, Multifactor Authentication, VPN/Remote Access, Merchant Card/Terminal Processing, Virtualization and/or Virtual Cloud Environments.

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Vulnerability Management

Intact Security offers Vulnerability Management Services for your  networks, applications, operating systems, databases as well as web applications.

Vulnerability Management helps you to identify the security holes in your IT infrastructure that can be used during an attack and shows you how these holes can be closed before a breach occurs.

Intact Security’ provides a fully functional Vulnerability Management solution, that can be configured based on the frequency with which you wish to scan and report on your infrastructure, and allows you to integrate these scans into your BAU processes.

The Intact Security solution can be easily deployed to scan your infrastructure and will quickly highlight the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be used in an attack, producing reports detailing the remediation you need to prioritize to maintain the security of your infrastructure.

Using our proven solution it is easy to automate scans to get the right information to the right people, whether that’s a CISO or a database administrator. You can automate the entire vulnerability management process from scanning to report distribution, and set up dynamic asset groups with granular filters to ensure that your team members get only the information relevant to them.

Intact Security also offers patching and remediation to remove the vulnerabilities identified after scanning your infrastructure.

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