Bug Sweep

Intact Security specialise in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) using the most advance and up to date equipment available on the market to protect our clients. TSCM; also known as electronic bug detection, bug sweeping or counter surveillance; is the method of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, vehicles, telephone systems, network systems and cabling for the existence of eavesdropping listening devices. What sets us apart from our competitor is that we address both analog and digital systems, including VoIP.

We provide detailed risk analysis and assessments and offer recommendations and take logical steps to secure your interests. Offering additional services such as installation of CCTV surveillance camera systems, back to base alarms or TSCM monitoring. 

We recommend to clients to arrange regular inspections, usually every 4 to 6 months, or during times of particularly sensitive business activity.

Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis

Intact Seucrity is able to detect covert types of audio and video devices through technical eavesdropping detection. Bugs can be small listening devices that can be discreetly activated to monitor room or phone conversations. A mobile/cellular based bugging device is able to be ‘dialed into’ remotely as they have a SIM card inside, similar to a mobile/cell phone. That means you can activate these bugging devices by calling them up using a phone or they can transmit data at predetermined times. This type of bugging devices, therefore, are operable anywhere you have access to a phone. They can come in Audio, Video, and GPS or all three.

Hidden Audio devices are almost impossible to locate and detect unless you have the highest rated TSCM equipment. Intact Security has the cutting-edge government grade technology to detect and eliminate illegal eavesdropping devices. We also have the ability to locate devices that are also turned off!



Intact Security provides technical cyber countermeasures to detect and verify vulnerabilities and all active eavesdropping threats on all telecommunications devices including analog, digital, and VoIP systems.

We are one of only a few companies to have the technology developed for this specific purpose.

Relax. Your security is Intact.

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