IRAP Assessment - ISM Compliance Professionals

Do I need an IRAP assessment?

My Organisations is looking to exchange, store or process information with a government agency, because of this our organisation must undergo an IRAP assessment from a verified assessor, and be formally accredited with an IRAP Certification and Accreditation.

An IRAP Assessment will identify gaps within your system security, and quantify any areas of risk of vulnerability. If your systems are IRAP Certified, your organisation is recognised as meeting the highest level security requirement required for securing sensitive data (based on the classification)

This opens up business opportunities with Government agencies and departments who only deal with IRAP Certified suppliers.

Ensure your system is secured and accredited with an experienced irap assessment partner.

Why choose Intact Security

Put simply, we’re bespoke but the best in the business, and for many more reasons:

    • Professionally Certified by ASD
      Intact Security consultants are Australian Signals Directorate certified. Backed with extensive technical expertise spanning more than 18 years security, Intact Security consultants are cross skilled with mulitiple technical and non-technical certifications.
    • Completely Independent

Intact Security is a completely independent bespoke information security consulting firm. You can be confident that your assessment will have no bias and have full accountability.

    • Open and Transparent Communication

Open and transparent communication = low risk to you the customer. Intact Security is here to assist your organisation, so issues aren’t sugar coated

    • Flexibility

Your assessment will be adaptable, efficient, and fluid. We understand that each organisation is unique and issues, snags, and bumps can be part of life. We work with you to reach your business objective.

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