Our team

Martin Quinn

Director/Chief Executive Officer

Martin has over 20 years experience as a network and computing engineer. Martin having also been an ISO 27001 auditor has a thorough understanding of both the technical and business side of Information Security and IT. Martin Currently is a holds membership with the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), is a certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and an IRAP assessor, holds SANS GPEN certification and is an experienced Microsoft, Solaris and Cisco engineer having previously held certifications in each of these fields. Martin looks forward to being your security specialist.

Elin Ousback

General Manager/Chief Financial Officer​

Elin has a multitude of experience across various business verticals, having been the Managing Director of Margret Fultons Kitchen. Elin brings a fresh and alternative view to information security marketing, brand awareness and accounting. Elin also fulfills the role of General Manager for Intact Security and Intact Security Consulting.

Anthony Ousback

Product Manager​

Anthony rejoins Intact Security as the Product Specialist. Anthony brings a revitalized approach to product sales within the information security realm. Anthony has a can-do attitude, combined with a cheerful vibrancy which has enabled him to embrace all things information security, which shines through when meeting our customers. Anthony is a welcomed new member to Intact Security.

Ronald Peic

Cyber Security Consultant

Ronald joins us from a background in Computer Science. Ronald’s skills and expertise bolsters Intact Security’s technical operations; with budding experience in penetration testing, digital forensics and firewalls. He can often be found at cybersecurity events – both for professionals and for hackers.
Within the industry, some of his major passions are penetration testing, exploit analysis and reverse engineering.

Cameron Rose

Cyber Security Specialist​

Cameron has technical experience applying penetration testing frameworks, vulnerability assessment and WiFi testing and has a good understanding of compliance. His major passions within the industry are penetration testing, intelligence and cyber policy.

Jackson Denneen

Intern and Assistant​

Jackson joins Intact Security fresh from graduating from high school. Jackson has a passion for all things technological and brings a fresh point of view to the team.