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  • Professionally Certified Testers you can Trust Intact Security consultants are industry certified. Backed with extensive technical expertise spanning more than 20 years security, Intact Security consultants are cross skilled with mulitiple technical and non-technical certifications.
  • Proven Methodology Intact Security use a thorough, tried and true methodology. You can be confident that if there are holes to be found, that Intact Security will find them.
  • Open and Transparent Communication Open and transparent communication = low risk to the customer. If, your project becomes unstable or a high risk issue is discovered, Intact Security immediately inform you, so that you can remediate ASAP
  • Findings are Secure All data discovered, captured or viewed is encrypted while at rest on Intact Security storage. Intact Security considers itself a temporary custodian of this data.

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Strong, open and transparent communication is paramount to a successful client engagement.

Technically Capable

Our technicians are qualified and cross trained in industry recognised certifications.


Intact Security is built on trust and reputation coupled with quality.


Intact Security is passionate about all things information security, (and it shows)

Creative in Approach

We approach engagements in a creative and innovative way, allowing us to discover more and protect you better

2 Way Traffic

Inact Security believes in two way traffic, informing you of what we are doing so that you can recognise if and when you are under attack.

Some Intact Security Customers

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Intact Security recently completed a full audit of our IT infrastructure, they provided some great feedback and helped us implement some affordable solutions. I wished we'd done it sooner as it would have saved us some unecessary worry.

Marc Washbourne, MD JobReady.com.au

Many thanks for all your help getting us though

Mark Luton,CFO Squiz.net


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What is a Vulnerabilty Assement vs. Penetration Test?

A Vulnerability Assessment, probes and interrogates your network, applicaiton or service to determine whether it is susceptible to exploitation (able to be hacked), a Penetration Test, does much the same, but takes it that one step further by actually attempting to exploit your network, applicaton or service (actually hack with intent to get inside).


Why should I perform a pentest?

Conducting a penetration test may form part of your security strategy, or possibly its a requirement to maintain certification. Either way, a penetration test will highlight whether your business is actually at risk of being hacked. This type of test helps determine whether you current security controls are sufficent or defficent, and may assist in finanical budgeting for these security controls.


I'm interested in having a test done but what makes Intact Security the best choice?

We are passionate about Information Security. We aim to provide; an excellent customer experience, help and assist organisations to improve their security posture and provide quality and value for money. It is these core beliefs that set us apart from the rest of the pack.


I am not technical, will you provide a report that I can understand?

Yes, Intact Security understands that not everybody is technically savvy, so we provide a report which explains the real world risks to your business, and for those that are technical, we also provide guidance on technical remediation


I've had a pentest performed before and it brought down our servers, will you testing do that?

Intact Security never aims to bring down any machines when performing testing. We measure and check every test before executing it, and if anything does go awry, we're immediately in touch so that we minimise impact. Testing, by nature is meant to identify strengths and weaknesses.

I'm still not sure if I need a Penetration Test.

Download our "Am I vulnerable" self assessment questionnaire.
If you answered 75% of these questions positively, chances are you are covered from a security perspective. If not, you really need validation that your business is not vulnerable (or worse, already compromised).

Am I Vulnerable
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