Intact Attend Partner Summit To Phuket With WatchGuard!

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By Samantha Woollard (Internet Security Specialist) – 12 April 2017

Who are WatchGuard? WatchGuard are a global provider of Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next Generation firewall solutions. Their UTM is unmatched providing additional firewall services such as IPS, URL filtering, gateway anti-virus, web blocking and a host of other features.

A basic firewall is no longer enough, so more defences need to be implemented into businesses’ systems to layer their security. This can become complex with many devices to configure, implement and monitor. With WatchGuard products, everything you would need and more is provided through one unified device meaning:

  • A layered security for your business
  • No complex configurations
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Low price

Intact Security have been Silver partners with WatchGuard for several years, keeping on top of newly created services and products so that we can educate customers and distribute security solutions to those who need them.

This week WatchGuard flew the Intact team plus their other partners to Phuket, Thailand to inform us of new products and newly developed features so we may find the best suiting answer to your security problems.

Who did we meet? David Higgins, Regional Director ANZ opened the Cocktail Reception on the first evening to welcome all the partners and distributors to Phuket for the annual Partner Summit, with the Bangtao beach as a stunning backdrop.

The next day the Partner Summit was kicked off with a Keynote Presentation by Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard. A number of other presenters took to the stage including Corey Nachreiner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Ryan Orsi the Director of Business Development and Brendan Patterson, the Director of Product Management discussing all things WatchGuard over the past year and the year to come.

Left to right: Brendan Patterson, David Higgins and his wife, and Prakash Panjwani (CEO).

David Higgins, Regional Director ANZ opening the Cocktail Reception.


Advantages of WatchGuard Over Competitors

WatchGuard are the ONLY one in the industry to provide a Unified Threat Management (UTM) that:

  • is fully integrated correlation capability – threat detection from network to endpoint in one view
  • processes threat intelligence on behalf of customers, passing on only the security benefits without the complexity or costs
  • provides integrated, automated incident response that works in tandem with existing anti-virus
  • unites prevention, detection, correlation and response under one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

UTM Throughput
Network performance with WatchGuard products, including the full UTM and features is nearly 4 times as fast than when other competitors’ products are implemented into systems. This includes Dell SonicWall and Sophos products.

Ease of Licensing   
When licensing a product, with WatchGuard only one device is needed. Other software is needed with other company products making licensing more complex.

UTM Throughput

Top Threats of 2017 and How WatchGuard Can Protect You

1. Ransomware
Defense of UTM – No single security service prevents all threats. WatchGuard’s Unified Threat Management combines many services to offer ‘Kill Chain’ defenses.
Advanced Persistent Threat Blocker – As ransomware is ever-changing, behavioural malware detection in the APT Blocker is needed to catch up to date variants.
Threat Detection and response – TDR’s Host Ransomware Prevention can stop the types of ransomware that encrypt files at an end point.

2. Exploit Kits
WebBlocker & RED – Keeps employees away from sites hosting exploit kits (EK)
Intrustion Prevention Service – IPS prevents many of the exploit kits that are in use.
Gateway Antivirus (GAV) – Regularly catches obfuscated JavaScript exploit kits used to launch exploits.
APT Blocker – If EK succeeds, APT blocker and GAV still have a chance to block the malware it tries to send.

3. IoT Botnets
Network Security Is Device Agnostic – Basic firewalls do protect IoT devices. Segment IoT for best UTM service protection.
Botnet C&C Detection (RED) – If an infected device appears, RED’s botnet C&C detection can catch and stop it.
Access Points Protect Wi-Fi IoT – Access points extend and can enhance your protections to wireless IoT devices

Naka Island stop-off during speedboat trip.

New Product Alert! – Managed Cloud Wifi

Late last month WatchGuard announced the release of a new product, Firebox Cloud. This device brings the same protection as other WatchGuard UTM devices to public cloud environments.

This enables organisations to extend their security perimeter to protect business critical and sensitive assets in Amazon Web Services (AWS), increasing the security beyond what is provided by AWS to ensure your network is secured by more than just simple port scanning and access control.

Cloud Scalability
Easily scale from one to an unlimited number of access points across multiple locations without worrying about the hardware limitations. APs can be grouped in many ways including location, building, floor, for easy management and policy configuration

Grow Managed Services With Wi-Fi
WatchGuard is the only company to provide a managed Wi-fi, WIPS ( Wi-Fi Intrusion Prevention System), guest experiences and analytics.
Other vendors such as, Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus all have managed Wi-Fi but do not include the other features.

Managed WIPS
WatchGuard’s cloud-managed access points have built-in WIPS to help ensure you have the protection you need. By having WIPS activated, it defends your airspace 24/7 from any unauthorised devices that may try to connect, any rogue access points and from malicious attacks, resulting to close to zero false positives. Other vendors have tried and failed to provide this, WatchGuard on the other hand, has succeeded tremendously.

Managed guest experiences and analytics 
These features can be enabled by upgrading access points to provide captive portals, location analytics and also managed WIPS.

New Feature Alert! – Threat Detection and Response

Late January of 2017, it was announced that WatchGuard had created a new service for its products that correlates network and end point security events. Threat detection is used to detect, prioritize and enable immediate action against threats.

It also is the first service provided by ANY UTM vendor to provide these kind of capabilities to small to mid businesses and at no additional cost!

Outrigger Laguna Resort, Phuket, Thailand.

Here at Intact, we only recommend products that we trust will benefit you, our customers. We resell only the devices that will help your security and WatchGuard are one of them. With WatchGuard you get an all-round security solution with integrated simplicity at a low cost but without the lack of performance. Their technology can be adopted into organisations big or small and will still provide the best in-class security service.

If you are interested in any WatchGuard products, do not hesitate on contacting us!

Relax. Your security is Intact.

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